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Soy sauce Story

What is Soy Sauce?

Korean represented traditional food, Soy Sauce.
Have you ever wondered about the history of soy sauce?
Introducing every single fact of Korean soy sauce which will enrich worlds dinner tables

The traditional way of making soy sauce involves beans and salt as the main ingredients.

The beans are boiled and then the paste is molded into large blocks. These blocks are then submersed in salted water until they ferment, and the resulting liquid is called soy sauce. The fermented bean paste is then used in a variety of seasonings and foods. The feature of traditional Korean soy sauce and bean paste is that they are made solely from beans. In Japan and China, other malts are used in the production of soy sauce along with the beans.

The resulting Korean soy sauce is a food in itself, and it is also used as a seasoning to determine the flavor of other foods. It is used in a wide variety of soups and stews, marinating, seasonings, meat dishes, etc.It is used for its deep flavor and rich scent even in Chinese and Japanese cuisines, and even in dressings and sauces


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