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Cooking with Sempio

Dak Gang-jeong

Date : 2016-02-04

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Dak Gang-jeong

(Glazed Fried Chicken)
500g Chicken Drumstick
1Tbsp Yondu, Orange Label
70g Crispy Tempura Batter Mix
1/4(40g) Onion
1/2Tbsp Minced Garlic
1/2Tbsp Vegetable Oil
1000ml Vegetable Oil for Frying

1Tbsp Hot Chili Paste, Classic
1/2Tbsp Soy Sauce 501
5Tbsp White Corn Syrup
1Tbsp Tomato Ketchup
1/2Tbsp Hot Sauce
2Tbsp Sugar
A Pinch of Black Pepper Powder
A Pinch of Black Sesame

1. Wash the chicken and cut into small pieces. Mince an onion.
2. Marinate the chicken with Yondu, Orange Label for 5 mins.

3. Mix all seasoning ingredients together.
4. Coat the marinated chicken in flour mixture.
5. Fill a skillet with oil and heat oil until 170C.
6. Put the chicken in the oil until brown and crisp.

7. Pour oil on another pan, fry onion and minced garlic.
    Put in the seasoning sauce, and turn off the stove once it boils.
8. Put the fried chicken in the seasoning sauce, mix evenly and serve.

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