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As one of Korea's leading food companies, Sempio Foods Company is recognized through many industry certifications including HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KOLAS, SQF 2000, and KOSHER.
For 65 years, Sempio foods has been at the forefront of fermentation technology in the food industry.

Since May. 2002
HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Institute) approval for its sauces and pastes and for the company's hygienic and preventative programs and production systems that guarantee consumers safe foods. The certification wins for the company consumer confidence in products, hygienic production lines, and employee dedication to food safety and accident prevention.

ISO 9001
Since May. 1998
ISO 9001 certification was received in recognition of Sempio's quality management system that guarantees product quality and services that meet all international standards. The certificate is given as recognition for production and quality control, standardized and uniform managerial operations, automated facilities and production efficiency.

ISO 14001
Since May. 2000
The ISO 14001 certification is awarded to companies that operate excellent environmentally friendly managerial systems in materials, production, distribution and service. The operations must meet international standards and all processes are subject to environmental evaluation. Each division must also have its own established programs and goals for maximum environmental protection and cost reduction.

Since August. 2009
Kosher(also kashrut, Kashrus, or Kashruth) certification signifies foods that meet Jewish dietary law. Kosher certification has universal acceptance and recognition in the Kosher food industry. The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America approves Kosher certification. Sempio has obtained kosher certification for Soy Sauce from OU Kosher.

SQF 2000
Since September. 2011
SQF(Safety Quality Food) 2000 is world leader in the food safety and quality management systems. SQF 2000 ensures that a supplier's food safety and quality management system complies with international and domestics food safety regulations. Sempio has obtained SQF certification for Gan Jang(Soy Sauce), Doen Jang(Soybean Paste), Gochu Jang(Pepper Paste) and Sam Jang(Fermented Soybean and Chili Seasoned Paste) from SQF 2000.


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