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About Sempio

Sempio will have always been with you to satisfy both of your tastes and health.

About Sempio

Korean Flavors for the World!

Korean soy sauce is often referred to as the taste of mothers hands and the taste of hometown, reflecting the long and close affinity that Koreans have had for it. Its history goes at least as far back as the third century CE, and surviving documents attest to the fact that in 683 CE during the Unified Silla Kingdom, soy sauce was among wedding gifts presented to the royal family.

Homemade soy sauce began to become commercialized in the early 19th century with the introduction of Western industrial ways, and eventually Western machinery led mass production possible and distribution, gradually replacing homemade soy sauce for many. In 1946 during the early days of commercial soy sauce, Sempio arrived on stage and introduced a standard soy sauce made from beans, salt and pure water that appealed to all regions and tastes.

Koreas distinctive Sempio brand means spring as natural water springs. Pure spring water are essential to life itself and to rivers that flow to the ocean. And they are just as essential to making quality soy sauce. The brand name also denotes the meaning of being the spring or source of quality foods, namely soy sauce made through dedicated efforts.

Sempio is Koreas oldest and most renowned commercial brand of soy sauce, and its great popularity among homemakers attests to its brand power. Sempio has a long list of other achievements as well: it established Koreas first specialty soy sauce research facility, built the worlds largest soy sauce manufacturing facility, developed Koreas first traditional soy sauce, commercialized bean paste, and had all products officially recognized as outstanding for their quality. Through superior technology and product quality, Sempio continues to lead the Korean soy sauce and condiment markets.

Sempio centers its business on traditional Korean sauces and pastes such as soy sauce, bean paste and red pepper paste; salt, vinegar and other condiments to bring out flavor and appetites; such agricultural and marine foodstuffs as canned marinated foods; and its Fontana brand of flavorings based on traditional Western recipes. With more than six decades of excellence in meeting consumer demands, Sempio applies the latest technology and research to develop a continual flow of new and ever-improved products of excellence.


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